About Ledwin Oviedo

ledwin oviedoLedwin Oviedo is a real estate investor and developer living in New York, New York. He has worked in real estate investing for years and has recently opened the door into real estate development, partly as a means for fighting gentrification throughout lower-income urban communities.

Through his business, Urbany Community Development, Ledwin Oviedo helps provide affordable housing through real estate development. He and his team purchase and convert 1-4-bedroom houses to 9-10-bedroom houses to allow for more accessible housing options within communities, especially those who are facing the rising prices of gentrification, which drives up the cost of living and forces long-time renters out of their homes and neighborhoods and often onto the street.

Whenever they purchase a home, Ledwin and his crew like to tear the house down to its bones and determine what is salvageable and what needs to be replaced before the house can be renovated and sold.